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  If all that merch isn't enough to satisfy your capitalist cravings . . .     
  True Bromance    
GET THE TRUE BROMANCE PACKAGE. All contents of the Ultimate Fan Package, PLUS:

Living Void will play a show anywhere in the greater Boston area, and you can choose from any ONE of the following “Man Dates”:

Two Hours of Video Gaming with Kyle - Kyle will join you for two hours of high intensity zombie hunting or questing in space, or maybe you're an old-fashioned platformer kind of guy. Sit next to Kyle as he seethes with resentment over this shameless promotional stunt that he's yet again been roped into, and don't you dare fucking ask about his tattoos, which are all video game villans. At some point, his girlfriend will interrupt and as he’s in the other room having a tense discussion, you can steal his equipment.

Home-cooked Meal from Anthony - Whether pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan, budding chef Anthony does it all. Sit back and relax as he cobbles together a gustatory delight from the existing contents of your kitchen, whatever they might be. I hear he makes a killer peanut butter-mustard-baking soda soup. If you've got an iPod loaded with Death Metal and/or high gloss Pop, you're in for a real treat! Look forward to insightful, knowledgeable conversation on both genres as Anthony showcases his encyclopedic knowledge of Death Metal and love of Pop as he chops, stirs and seasons.

Full body massage from Mike - Little known fact: Mike is an exceptionally knowledgeable bodyworker, if you know what I mean. Although he never completed his certification, he has taken extensive courses in massage therapy. Imagine those strong, calloused drummer hands kneading those knots out of your tense, tired muscles. Got a hairy back? No problem - Mike will use an appropriate amount of massage oil, and we will provide you with a mirror as an added bonus so you can watch Mike's facial expressions, which we are certain will be delightful. We will gag Mike beforehand to keep the humiliated sobbing from ruining your relaxing massage.

Adventure Bike Ride with Kurt - Kurt Belhumuer, guitarist, graphic designer and bike enthusiast, will guide you on a two hour adventure bike ride over a route of his choosing. Be prepared to get stoned out of your fucking mind and shoot full speed ahead over terrain far beyond your ability as Kurt rambles on to himself, oblivious to your blinding terror. I swear to God, this is the kind of thing that grows character. Bold and fearless, I'm sure you'll thank Kurt later, should you live to tell the tale. Kurt holds no liability and you will be required to sign multiple legally-binding release forms. Bring own protective gear.

All for just $500!
  True Bromance DELUXE    
  The Ultimate Fan Package, a live show anywhere in the Boston area, and All Four Man Dates, redeemable within one calendar year. Not available outside Boston. At $950.00 dollars it's a steal!    
  True Bromance USA    
  True Bromance Package anywhere in the US, just $6500    
  True Bromance    
  Kick it like Chris Brown and Pitbull and bring Living Void - and the Man Date of your choice - anywhere in the world. You're looking at a cool ten grand $ 10,000.00


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