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Known for their searing blend of grindcore, thrash and death metal, Living Void spawned from the punk and hardcore scene of Boston. Their live show crackles with an unparalleled energy, fueled by the amalgamated fury of its four members.

Singer Kyle W.’s raw vocals spit lyrics - all written by him - detailing futuristic, post- apocalyptic dystopias. His spastic, unfettered stage presence refuses to pander to the audience. Local punk rock mainstay Mike Read stomps out 100% pure grind, blast beat athleticism. On strings, guitarist Kurt Belhumeur doles out relentless, muscular riffing and ex-Revocation bassist Anthony Buda shreds the low-end on bass, adding his soul-piercing death growls to the mix.

Living Void were founded in 2010 and released a well-received self-titled EP the same year. Proud to be motivated by their love of grindcore and the community that makes it have meaning and proud to be only one in a legion of legit bands, 2013 will see them releasing and touring, all the while remaining true to the DIY ethos.

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